Latest Updates: September 24th 2017

v2.8 Beta
Public Beta Release

Removed Debug Options (Public Release)
Adjusted Dead Pool assets (Machines glitch with the extras)

Updated Credits for MK2+
Adjusted female ninja fatality sprites offets.

Fixed Hornbuckle Introduction stage, now Pit II once again.
Fixed "FATALITY" sign blood puddle offsets.
Added random endurance matches for "ULTIMATE" difficulty.
Limited Secret Character from ladders and endurances unless they are unlocked.
Fixed flashing text on Secret Character unlock presentation.
Added stage fatality easter egg for Liu Kang's cartwheel fatality.

Corrected factory bug: Running out of time in a secret character fight would not show "Returning.." message and skipped the next fight on the ladder.
Also identified the secret character fight flag was never being cleared, another factory fix. Cleared after every match now.
Fixed Highest Kombo Audit not recording on machines.

Fixed crash after beating Jade with Baraka or Kung Lao (shimmer)
Fixed Smoke not unlocking on machine platform.
Added new difficulty level to the game.
Fixed Hornbuckle difficulty (0-8 scale, he will be 5-8)(Prevents easy fights if you find him low on the fight ladder)
Fixed Stage rotation after playing Hornbuckle, now returns to Portal and not Kahn's Arena.

Increases silhouette probability to 50% if Improved CPU AI is ON.
Removed silhouettes if in 2 player mode.

Added Smoke to secret character unlock presentation.

Fixed Jade unlock error.
Fixed Story ending error.

Locked and added Jade and Noob unlocked presentations.

Fixed Hornbuckle/Jade introductions if Jade was found with silhouettes on Pit II.
Fixed Ladder index after beating Hornbuckle while on match before Jade.
Fixed audit resetting routines that would write out of bounds, like Fastest Time Komplete.

Modified Dead Pool to decrease out of memory glitch on machines, still needs more work.

Fixed default initials if none were entered for the 'Fastest Time Komplete'
Fixed crash for Sub-Zero / Jade for aerial projectiles.

Added Fastest Time Komplete score board.

Added randomize character select screen on Random Ladders
Added Air Freeze for CPU controlled Sub-Zero
Added alternate attacks for CPU Sub-Zero for airborne frozen opponents.
Added alternate moves for CPU characters with aerial projectiles (Improved CPU Option)
Added Kung Lao's dive kick cheese fix against CPU's projectiles (Improved CPU Option)
Fixed Hornbuckle's aerial defense projectile crash.
Fixed Fastest Time Komplete audit on machines.
Moved secret character unlock from audit 3F to 40. Limited clear audit routine upto audit 3F.

Added Win Streak check after beating Kahn
Fixed endurance match indexes, was causing repeat match ups.
Fixed accidental audit clearing from last build.
Adjusted blood pool timing on decapitations.

Fixed 'Fastest Time Komplete' audit causing a delay after beating Shao Kahn.
Added random opponents to Debug Endurance option. Or same opponent is Debug Opponent is chosen.
Fixed special moves and consecutive hits not working after playing a long time with 'Immortality' debug option on.
Fixed Recovery speeds for knee to mid-section moves for Noob, Hornbuckle and Jade.
Fixed Ladder Alignment on Normal Ladders (Would skip Shang Tsung as if he were the hidden Jade fight)
Fixed Various MK2+ Settings to comply on machine platforms.
-Goro's Lair was stuck enabled.
-Selective Darkening was stuck enabled.

Fixed dark skeleton on Dead Pool when Raiden wins.
Fixed dark spear on Scorpion's slice fatality.
Fixed stage rotation when a player enters during Hornbuckle match and then goes back to 1P mode.
Fixed 'Ghost of Kahn' bug. Kahn's cast credit was causing projectile/casting glitches.
Fixed Noob Saibot secret fight occuring on any stage rather Goro's Lair.
Fixed crashes in endurance transitions. 2 typos in routine.

Improvement: Dead Pool stage now has red sky background and acid pool corners fixed.
Factory fix: Floor scroll on Armory after Reptile's head snack fatality and Scorpion's teleport.
Factory fix: Raised ground level for characters on The Armory stage.

Added acid bubble to DeadPool stage fatality.
Adjusted acid splash upwards to alleviate some overlapping.
Fixed blood pool for Johnny Cage's triple decapitation.

Fixed Silhouettes from staying on if a new player enters the match.
Fixed crash for deep freeze of secret characters.
Fixed incorrect blood pool location and orientation for Kang's lower torso
also adjusted offet to bring pool in closer.
Factory fix: Aligned deep freeze frames with all characters to look as it should.
Factory fix: Raiden's upper torso final frame when Cage performs his torso rip fatality is fixed.
Factory fix: Jax's head smash opponent location offset values.
Added Torso falling animations for Sub-Zero's Ice ball fatality.
Added blood pooling animation to Jax's head smash fatality.

Fixed Smoke Wins string after beating Kahn.
Fixed crash or string error after secret character fights.
Fixed Kiss of Death fatality relocating secret characters.
Fixed ladder index from not increasing after fighting Hornbuckle.
Added Torso falling animations for the following fatalities:
-Kang's dragon fatality
-Cage's torso rip (Also adjusted ground level for upper torso from Addi 50h to 40h)
-Scorpion's spear slice
-Kintaro's punch
Added NEW blood pooling animation to dismemberment style fatalities.
Adjusted caracasses for many fighters, most being too high.
Adjusted big blob of blood that appears after a dismemberment, should splatter at floor level instead of under it.

Fixed superman reaction animation for Hornbuckle

Changed up audit routines for double-flawless checks. Much more consistent.
Changed "Double Flawless Fatalities" to "Double Flawless Finishers"
Cleared Flags associated with Hornbuckle so not to repeat fight.
Change last message from "Now, you must return to the Outworld" to "Now, you must return to the tournament"

Fixed Silhouettes showing on Pit II if they were not in Round 1.

Fixed stage rotation error.

Hornbuckle is now a hidden fight in the game.
-Added new audit "Battles with Hornbuckle"
-Hornbuckle Triple Fireball Projectile added.
-Hornbuckle Shadow Bicycle Kick
-Hornbuckle Shadow Flying Kick

Removed Sub-Zero's ground ice counting as a combo hit.
Fixed Kombo percentage showing 0% on kombos that are 100%+.
Cleaned up Kombo Display, consolidated routines, eliminated RAM usage for display timer.
Cleaned up RAM routines, consolidated multiple clearing routines.
Cleaned up Match Over routine, consolidated flag clearing and stage rotation checks.
Fixed Coin-Up Sound effect not working.
Adjusted Pit II background to match moon & cloud sprites. (From 0046h to 0026h)
Fixed crash while a player entered on Kahn's Arena.
Fixed Goro's Lair being in the stage rotation when Turned OFF.
Fixed Audits - Babalities and Friendships IDs were swapped.
Added 1st part of a secret in this revision...

"Improve CPU AI" Changes:
-Added Cage's shadow uppercut to CPU's moveset.
-Fixed Kung Lao's Dive Kick for CPU. Animation is perfect and also performs downward kick at different heights.
-Fixed Kintaro's approach if Torso Punch fatality is chosen for execution and distance is 100h or more away.
-Fixed CPU controlled Jade. Removed fan lift from aerial defense. Plays more like original Jade now.
-Added New aerial defense tables
-Baraka's Blade Fury no longer executes when you jump forward from 50+, he blade sparks instead.
-Scorpion now has teleporting in his aerial defense.
-Scorpion will no longer spear if he cannot telport due to position limitations. He will roundhouse.

Fixed 'Selective Darkening' from preventing normal screen fade to black and Raiden's darkening on win pose.
Added scroll looping to all ON/OFF options in MK2+ Settings.

Prevented Kahn's Stand Up routine from executing if Kahn is fighting. Caused crashes at end-game.

Restored Johnny Cage's Kiss SFX on character select Win Pose
Sub-Zero's air freeze adjustments:
 -Increased delay before falling back to the ground
 -Slowed animation a bit to improve look
 -Fixed reflect backfire
 -Fixed 1 juggle on Turbo Mode
Changed Random Ladder Lineup
 -Retains Kintaro as sub boss, endurance matches are prior to him.
 -This addresses Jade not appearing in Random Ladders as well.
Fixed ladder synchronization after changing "?" from ID 'E' to '12'.

Fixed Baraka's sword glimmer on wrong characters.

Fixed Kintaro's blocking causing kombo hits.
Removed Sub-Zero's Freeze counting as a combo hit.
Added Freeze backfire upon double air-freeze.
Limited 1 freeze juggle for Turbo Mode.

Restored Baraka's Blade shimmer effect in his win pose.
Restored Lao's hat glow in his win pose.

Restored Sub-Zero's Air Freeze move.
Kahn's Arena - Shao Kahn stands on finisher modes and if Kintaro loses.
Fixed Ladder Screen Images (Array relocated to add the proper locations for Smoke and changed "?" to ID '12'.
Mirrored Ladder images for Smoke, Jade and Noob.

Fixed Positioning for Kintaro's Stomp fatality when he's in a corner. He will perform the stomp from anywhere.
Fixed crash when Kintaro used his Stomp fatality against Smoke.

Fixed Noob's Uppercut fatality - Now it's F-F-D-D HP at close range.
Fixed Smoke's alternate fatality palette.

Kintaro given the ability to perform his fatality.
Kintaro gained a new fatality.
Increased timer for CPU to wait for opponent to be dizzy for fatalities. This fixes Kintaro's dance glitch and super uppercut glitch as well.

Rewrote secret character's core routine for efficiency.
Fixed secret characters palettes for 'Kiss of Death' fatality.
Fixed Jax's arm rip fatality palettes for Jade and Noob.
Relocated both fatality tables to make adequate space for the secret character's fatalities.
Changed Noob Saibots primary fatality from 'Toasty' to 'Exploding Uppercut'.
+Added easter egg for Noob Siabot's explosing uppercut fatality.

Fixed Jade's generic fatality palette.
Fixed Smoke's generic fatality palette.
Fixed Jade's babality palette.

Fixed match and opponent indexing after Jade's Slot on Random Ladder.
Fixed Jade's baby palette.

Fixed Smoke's ladder image when playing as him.
Added Noob Saibot's ladder image

Added VS screen images for secret characters.
Added Ladder screen images for Jade and Smoke characters.
Put Jade into the random ladders.


Adjusted Mountain Top:
-Longer latency between thunder and lightning
-Disabled thunder and lightning unless in combat
-Increased cloud vertical position ranges

Tweaked kombo display, still needs more work to fix duplicates.
Cleared kombo damage percentage at the end of a round.

Fixed Slow Down issue on machines. Now combo audit checks are threaded and ran from Kombo Display.

Fixed Random Ladder Error.

Fixed invalid CMOS when using Debug options

Temporarily Removed Baby Cast Cheat believed to be cause of BG errors.

Pagodas are adjusted to be in the stage 'Portal'
Fixed extended fatality option that caused Dead Pool's stage fatality music to loop.
Fixed Kombo Display bug for combos that ended with a throw.
Fixed Endurance Round w/ Cheat displays overlapping in RAM.

Moved Highest Kombo Audit routine from Kombo Display Routine to Combo Clear Routine.
Added Mountain Top to Debug Level selection.

Added New Stage "Mountain Top"
Implemented CMOS Option to Enable/Disable Playable Secret Characters

Added New Debug Option - Endurance Mode.
Fixed Stage Debugging from having incorrect stage IDs.
Fixed Floor scrolling upon endurance transitions on some stages.

Fixed default value for Debug Stage Selection

Overhauled MK2 Settings in Test Menu (Has room for up to 64 CMOS Options that can be added to customize MK2 ).
New Debug Option w/ unlimited health and time. Opponent and Stage selection as well.
Fixed Screen problem after beating Shao Kahn.
Added Option for Kombo Display to be ON of OFF
Added Option for Secret Characters to be ON or OFF (Always ON for NOW for TESTING)
Added "Finishing Options". Selective Darkening, Health Bar Display.
Added "Stage Options". Credits Stage back in the mix, Also added an option to turn Goro's Lair on or off from stage rotation.
Some stages will crash when set to Credits (Kahn's Arena for example) Fixes coming soon.

Added Debug Mode to MK2 Settings (Unlimited Health & Time)
Increased Maximum format loop for default adjustments in CMOS (40h) This allows for more custom options in the future.

Added shadow effects to game - Super Uppercuts

Removed custom routine to fix "Jade Palette" bug when finishing her.
Started Shadow Effect, soon to be used in the game.

Improved character entrances for endurance matches

Fixed alternate palettes in Randper Kombat for secret characters

Fixed Shang Tsung "superman" glitch
Fixed Jade crash with Fan Swipe against CPU
Fixed glitch when beating Kahn. Audits are ran on their own thread.
Added "Random" has an option in stage selections of MK2 Settings
Added "Mountain Tops" has an option in stage selections of MK2 Settings
Added Randper Kombat back into cheats

MK2 Settings fully restoring on Machines!
Edited Goro's Lair in attempt to fix glicthing when characters are high up on screen.

Reworked MK2 Settings Reset to fix some crashes
Fixed Dizzy Baby crash at end of game

Fixed pattern for Kung Lao teleporting into Shang Tsung's fireballs in the corner
Added position checks for Scoprion's teleport for AI, so they won't teleport when they are not able to.
Added the following moves to the CPU:
-All characters have their close move
-Baraka's Double Kick and Blade swipe
-Scorpion/Noob's Leg Takedown
-Jax's Gotcha
-Cage's Split Kick and Nut punch
-Raiden's Quick Kick
-Kitana/Jade's Fan swipe
-Raiden's electrocution
-Kung Lao's Spin attack and Dive Kick

Fixed jump-follow routine.

Fixed crash when CPU tried to use sweep range attack without Improved AI on

This removes the jump-follow pattern

Added Improved Computer AI in MK2 Settings
This adds more moves to characters at round start.
-Liu Kang's Flying Kick
-Kitana's Air Attack
-Mileena's Roll
-Raiden's Superman
-Reptile's Slide
-Scorpion's Teleport
Removed Lights on Finishers

Fixed problem with Turbo Mode Fight-Stance animations on machines.

Change Layer Data for Goro's Lair (Tower/FFA051A0) in attempt to fix glitchiness uppercuts.
Adjusted endurance character flip-in timing.

Removed speed-up from Turbo Mode, removed Kombo Display on-screen timer from same location.
This is providing a more consistent Kombo Hits display message on screen.
Removed Kombo taunts from happening on round end, this prevents clashing with announcement of winner.
Turbo Mode will get more focus soon to give the game a faster paced gameplay without being too extreme like previous version.
As of now, Turbo Mode will still provide Faster Uppercut recoveries, Freeze levitation, faster stance animations and walking.

Bug fix for Round ending in Time Over and ground flag was triggered. Also applied to continue screen and Player has Entered the tournament interruption.

Increased walking speeds for characters in Turbo Mode

Fixed Bug for knock-back combo causing wrong player to be destroyed in endurance matches.
Increase delay further for new character AI.

Fixed bug for actual hardware that would not allow 'Fast Uppercut Recovery' in Turbo Mode (ANDI Fh, on Register value that held Turbo Mode NVRAM data)
Increased delay before new character AI is assigned to prevent early actions.

Endurance Mode is fully complete and operational

Added faster fight stance animations for Turbo Mode
Fixed inaccurate combo display on combos that produced a knock-back.
Added Faster Uppercuts Cheat, added to Super Uppercuts and Turbo Mode.
Organized audit lists (Game completions on page 1 now)

Added Fastest Time Komplete Audit
Added Number of times Komplete
Discovered Unused Audits in the Game:
Amount of times Shao Kahn Defeated
Amount of Rounds Played
Fixed Noob Saibot Chosen Audit

Added a 4th Page to the Audits in Test Menu
Added Blood Spilled Audit
Added Cheats Used Audit
Added Decapitations Audit
Added Highest Kombo Performed

Added Double Flawless Fatalities Audit

Added 3 new audits to Audits Page 1. Fatalities, Friendships and Babalities.

Fixed duplicate endurance character bug.
Fixed Kombo Hit counter not resetting with new endurance character.
Minor improvements to CMOS area.

Fixed Duck bug that prevented endurance character transitions.
Fixed Endurance Character's lineup side on fight introduction.

Added Flip-In sequence for endurance characters.

Added shadows to fighters on Goro's Lair (Never had them due to programming error)
Improvements to endurance rounds starting to begin. Next character in endurance loads onto stage and flips off screen Click Here to Watch

Added 3 new cheats:
Blocking Disabled
Display Hit Boxes

Added Brian Glynn to casting credits
Restored Liu Kang's missing sound for cartwheel fatality (Abystus)
Restored Scorpion's missing sound for Toasty fatality (Abystus)
Restored Shang Tsung's Laugh (MK Hacker)
Removed Extra Bloody Mode and replaced with CPU Always Finish

Fixed crash when Smoke was fought when accessing him through the Portal stage. Changed Cheat display to match factory appearance of Throwing Disabled.

Added secret characters to attract mode.
Fixed 3 problems on endurance rounds, reset opponent index after a loss, the other 2 involved another human player entering the tournament while in an endurance round, reset opponent index there as well.

Added cool down timer for Smoke's Dash Throw.

Fixed Kombo Display for Scorpions spear and duplicate display.
Adjusted color values for machine platforms (Endurance Round & Kombo Hits)
Added 5 more hits to Liu Kangs bicycle Kick

Introduced a new Kombo Display

Normalized Damage for PvP Secret Characters

Tweaked Dead Pool BG to be darker (0x406FA changed to 0C60 instead of 0CA1). Also tweaked casting cheats and fixed Super Uppercut's knock-back issue.

Invincibility has been reverted for Jade. Both Human and CPU controlled Jade characters now have invincibility. Also added a few casting screen cheats...

Randper Kombat cheat added. (a) Added fix for smoke effect when Smoke enters/exits.

Fixed Jax backbreaker causing 2 hit combos.

Fixes to endurance mode. Match index was being falsely incremented(AKA Kung Lao Glitch). Now only increments after the end of an endurance round. Also fixed a incorrect calculation of character indexes within an endurance match.

Added Noob Saibot Klues with a few new ones for Smoke/Jade

Fixed crash after beating Shao Kahn (Klue count was incorrect)

Fixed the opponent count for rounds 2 and 3 in an endurance match.

Fixed new bug for health bars always on.

Added endurance rounds.

Added 3 more Klues.

Introduction to random fight ladders. 100% random with the exception of Shao Kahn and Jade’s placements. Stage adjustments to Goro’s Lair and Pit II and adjusted location of “Kombo” string. Character Win pose also working 100%.

Fixed kombo count for Scorpion's spear. Added Scorpion's scissor take down, Raiden's Superman, Liu Kang's bicycle kick to kombo system. Added throws to the kombo system. Added Raiden's shock charge, Jax's back-breaker, gotcha grab and multi-slam to kombo system. Added RAM resets for Kombo related locations on Versus Screen and Mountain Screen. Added Female strains to the game. Added Kombo Taunts.

Introducing Kombo Display. There are known issues that are being worked on, See the known issues.

Adjusted Character alignments on Goro's Lair. Also centered Goro's Lair and fixed BG layer alignment. Added "PLUS " to the title screen for that extra touch.

Fixed ‘explosion’ fatality crashes against Smoke on Dead Pool. Was in a certain area of the map with Sub-Zero or Raiden’s explosion fatalities. Fixed Crash when secret character’s appeared to give clues.

Fixed ‘explosion’ fatality crashes against Smoke on Dead Pool. Was in a certain area of the map with Sub-Zero or Raiden’s explosion fatalities. Fixed Crash when secret character’s appeared to give clues.

Fixed duplicate sprite glitch when babalities were performed on secret characters. Fixed baby sprites for Noob Saibot and Smoke, Jade is still to come. Fixed teleport sprite glitch for Smoke and Noob Saibot. Restored possibility of selecting secret character with random select if START is held at time of selection.

Added Secret Character FX and loads their sprites with proper Win Poses when choosing them from the character select screen.

Added ‘Turbo Mode’ to MK2 Settings. Real primitive at this stage, but plan on improving it after bug fixing. Added new cheat ‘Take Your Sweet Time’ (No Time Limit)

Got rid of ‘Credits Stage’ in MK2 CMOS Settings, replaced it with a new mode that’s in the works. ‘Turbo Mode’. More details on that later. Also fixed 2 other errors in CMOS (‘Game Over Stage’ & ‘Coin-Up Stage’ not showing their headings inside the selection screen)

Rewrote Character Selection Process(C0720), added Push & Pop to Start-Hold check routines(C06A0 & C06E0). This was done for future improvement coming soon.

Big bug fixes in this one. Should address all crashes related to fatalities performed on Smoke that deal with explosions i.e. Kitana’s Kiss of Death, Shang Tsung’s Implosion, Sub-Zero’s Ice Shatter, Raiden’s Uppercut.

Code improvement to address crashes on hardware platforms. Added Push and Pop to No Health Bars Cheat, also Added MMTM/MMFM. The hook used for this cheat is not ideal and presumed to be causing the crashing issues.
Improvement to Extra Bloody Mode code as well. Soon to be adopted as it’s own routine which would be easily called upon for all moves that call for blood.

Code improvement to address hardware issues:
Added Push and Pop to the following routines:
Mountain Screen(1P Cheats), VS Screen (2P Cheats), Fight on Jade in message in the portal (1P and P2 Cheats)
Added ANDI to the Following Routines to help improve accuracy:
Mountain Screen(1P Cheats), VS Screen (2P Cheats), Extended Fatality Time, Lights On Finishers & Extra Bloody Mode.
Moved Extra Bloody Mode into it's own routine, No longer requires Super Uppercuts cheat to be on.
Added David (BullDawg) to the testers section in Credits. Thank you David.
Fixed Cheats Clear routine. No longer carries cheats into 1P mode after leaving a 2P game.

Fixed more code, hopefully will fix MK2 Settings Defaults being restored on Hardware applications. May or may not resolve cheats being inop on hardware as well. Removed ‘Night Mode’ and replaced it with ‘Extra Bloody Mode’. It is limited to Uppercuts until I finish it.

Added more effects to ‘Super Uppercuts’ cheat. Now has MUCH more blood! Edit: Later removed and created Extra Bloody Mode.

‘Extended Fatality Time’ is NOW enabled in this build. Increase from 3.5 to 7 seconds

‘Lights on Finishers’ are NOW enabled in this build.

Cheats can now be turned off or on through the TEST MENU. Also fixed an error in code that caused the game to crash when beating it with a secret character as Player 2.

Got half of the MK2 Settings chained together. You can now change the level for the coin-up, casting, game over and credits screens. Some stages crash the game on the credits though. This may be due to running out of memory. Added Reset Unlocks routine to the Factory Restore option and to the CMOS Restore.

CMOS structure setup. Just need to connect the dots. Moved “Reset Unlocks” to the utilities section. Taken steps to add the secret characters to the audits section. Fixed auditing of the original characters when selecting a secret character.

Implementation of CMOS has begun. Started by adding the initial menu “MK2 Settings”

Fixed Smoke’s and Noob’s Friendship quotes.

Bug fix (Hidden character fights strings were off) Also fixed a typo in Smoke's dash throw that would cause the player to lose movement. Also restored Goro’s Lair as the stage when fighting a hidden character.

Added NEW cheat “Dude where’s my bar!?”

Fixed code that allowed secret characters to be chosen only with LP or LK for Player 1 and HK for player 2

Added cheat ability to single player mode

The inclusion of cheats to 2P Versus Mode

Added testers to credits

Added 4 more secret messages at the end of the game. Added Credits to Mod

Added Secret Characters to Casting Credits, changed "No Name' stage to "Goro's Lair"

Added base endings for Smoke, Noob and Jade

Added Wins Messages after beating Shao Kahn for secret characters

Restored Kintaro's kick that was removed in later revisions.

Restored Shang Tsung's Kombat Tomb Stage Fatality (Was excluded due to programming error

Added Revision change to 3.1

Retained original characters as well as the secret characters. Must now Hold Start while choosing the appropriate character.

Added Goro's Lair, removed Jade's projectile invincibility and secret character stage restrictions compliments of Abystus.

Added secret characters to Revision 3.1 from Abystus’ hacks.


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