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...for thinking about donating, not counting the time for testing, developing tools to aid in reverse engineering and creation of this website, this project has easily topped 1,000 hours.

I hope everyone enjoys the revision as I do, whether it's in your dedicated cabinet or merely MAME it feels more 'Komplete'!

A big thanks to my friend Abystus who's knowledge helped a noob such as myself to bring this to life. He's responsible for a great tool he created called TMS Assembler which aids in writing script for the TMS 34010 processor used in many Midway games from the 90's.

For more information on TMS Assembler Click Here.

Secret Klue


0 #1 Howard Jones 2018-04-14 19:31
This is so awesome! I first bumped into UMK3 1.3 and now this. I'm shocked and amazed that it's the actual arcade games and not mugen! Donation sent. Keep up the excellent work. It's appreciated.

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