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Mortal Kombat II+ (Beta 2) Released!



December 20th 2018

A slight delay on the beta 2 release due to a last minute 2v2 bug that needs fixed. Shouldn't take long, maybe a day or two to fix it and another for proper testing. My apologies to all those eagerly waiting to play it. Hang it there, we're so close!

November 10th 2018

Slowly adding more kontent to this website, the 'Overview' section will continue to grow until I get it finished. Updates are rolling along at a steady pace, a minor but long standing bug in MK2 has been addressed this morning. This is the alternate palette not being utilized when Scorpion performs his teleport move. As you can see below that is now fixed.


November 1st 2018

Public Beta #2 status: I know everyone's waiting so patiently for the 2nd beta to drop, but due to a few BIG secret additions a week ago it will be a slight delay. Trust me, you guys will appreciate the extras that I've added. I can't comment on what they are because they're hidden. So don't worry, I'm working vigilantly on getting it ready!

In the meantime feel free to check the differences in the original game and my version here Differences in MK2 and MK2+


May 13th 2018

Plans are to release a new beta soon! I'd hate to drag out testing, but with the inclusion of some great additions like 2v2 and more great features it's a good thing to do. I just can't stop adding more to this great game!

December 11th 2017:



September 24th 2017:

Sorry for the delay! As you can see Team Plus was a little busy at KombatKon 2017!

Team Plus
ZPaul2Fresh8, Parallax MKChile, Ryan + Mike (Postmortem)

Kung Lao and the Scorpions at the after party!

The time has come that everyone has been waiting for! Head over to the downloads section and get yourself version 2.8 Public Beta!


For older news visit the News Archive


+1 #26 jairo 2019-03-11 10:49
como instala galera
+1 #25 jairo 2019-03-11 10:48
galera como inslata essa patche?
+5 #24 Grim 2018-12-24 22:33
It works great on The (P$3)
And also on (mame0192b_64bit) & (mame0174b_64bit)
Thanks Again on all ya'll's Hard Work
0 #23 richard thompson 2018-11-19 07:51
Quoting DOKTOR:
I love to play Mortal Kombat II Plus. Please make a Mortal Kombat 1 Plus.

If you have Mortal Kombat II + please send it to my Email because i dont know how to patch it on my own please send me a Patched version pleaseeee
+4 #22 DOKTOR 2018-11-19 05:01
I love to play Mortal Kombat II Plus. Please make a Mortal Kombat 1 Plus.
-4 #21 Wilfrans 2018-11-05 10:49
Hi there Master Paul!

I've a request for mk2+. can you add the player's name above the health bars just like this, see this example (this is while playing kaillera or through p2p):


You could add an option in the dipswitch menu (F2) as well if you want like mk2+settings > enable player's name (on/off).

Please consider this, It would be awesome if you add this feature to this great project.
-3 #20 profile 2018-11-02 10:02
Need cheap hosting? Try webhosting1st, just $10 for an year.

+3 #19 Ivan 2018-10-17 16:11
Quoting richard thompson:
You should Add ERMAC To the Game Think About It give him Reptile’s Orb Projectile and Scorpion’s Teleport He Could Be A Hidden Fight

Or also Rain or Chameleon ;)
0 #18 ZPaul2Fresh8 2018-08-26 17:39
Quoting William Gaytz:
Also assuming you're not masking the checksum, that's why I'm getting "bad rom" errors on UG12 and UJ12. Let me know if I shouldn't be getting bad rom errors. Game's up and running and PLUS options are there. Pretty awesome! Can't wait till next update!

Correct, valid checksums will be available on final releases.
0 #17 ZPaul2Fresh8 2018-08-26 17:39
Quoting William Gaytz:
I'm assuming any standard IPS patching utility will work if I want to patch them on my own?

Yes sir.

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