July 9th 2017:

The last week I've been working on some factory fixes and improvements, these were unplanned, but since I was in the area I figured I should address them.

 1. Lower Torso Animations and Blood Pools Added:


2.  Jax's headsmash fatality adjustments:


3. Johnny Cage's torso rip adjustments:




4: Dead Pool adjustments:

Adjusted spash upwards to alleviate some overlapping. Also added bubble pop before skeleton shows.



June 12th 2017:

Turbo Mode should get some attention soon. So far it adds:

-Faster Walk speeds (Forward and Backward)
-Faster Fight Stance animations
-Reduced uppercut recovery times
-Freeze Levitation
-1x Juggle allowances on projectiles

If you have any suggestions, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!


June 7th 2017:

Just a teaser pic of one of Kintaro's fatalities that were added with the last updates.

May 8th 2017:

  Did a little refresh of the website. Updated a few things here and there but mainly my intent was to add more content such as this news section so people can see what I'm currently working on. I'll try to update this a few times a week if I'm not too busy. Eventually I'll get around to adding some tutorials on how to hack these games as well. But for now, enjoy the latest workings.

  This update will return to the roots of this project, back in March 2016 I decided I was going to dive into hacking this game just for the sole purpose of having a custom revision in my MK2 machine. I stumbled upon some great hacks developed by Abystus, and also made a great friend in the process! At the time I knew NOTHING about MAME hacks or hacking anything in that realm but with some patience and some time I was able to embed his secret character work into stock revision 3.1 for my first change.

  Abystus' work was a great foundation, albeit there were fixes that were needed in order to complete the process, he was more than willing to teach me a thing or two(hundred) to get them complete. Now the update this week was returning to those secret characters to give them the same assets as a normal character in the game. These include a VS. screen image, a ladder screen image, alternate palettes, a fatality palette, biography and story ending screens.


  First up: VS Screen Images

   These are new and I will look into flipping them horizontally to give it more of a unique feel but already they are looking great. And yes, Jade will get a tan real soon I promise! I will probably work on Noob's BG as well.

Ladder Screen Images:

  These are final, I doubt I'll look into the 12 transparent pixels in Smoke's image as they are exactly the same in Reptile's image. Previoulsy I gave the characters the Jade "?" image.

Fatality Palettes:

  One of the biggest things needed for the new playable secret characters were fatality palettes. None existed since you could never performed fatalities against them in 1 player anyhow.

Old Jade Fatality Palette
Jade's initial fatality palette

First Improvement
First Improvement

Now with a tan and matching arms!
Finished version. Includes a tan and matching arms, no charge!

Smoke's fatality palette
Smoke, looking crisp as always.

Also needed were palettes for bablities as well.

  That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed the update!

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