Mortal Kombat 2+ is compatible with any version of MAME between 0.119 and 0.203.

The version you use will depend on your computer processor. The newer version of MAME that you use, the more accurate the game emulation is, thus requiring a faster computer processor to run the games at full speed. If you have a 64-bit processor then you want to use a 64-bit version of MAME (games can run up to 40% faster). It's best to use the newest version of MAME as long as your computer processor can handle it. We recommend that you use the version of MAME that is offered on the Download page. This special version has been modified to recognize Mortal Kombat 2 Plus as it's own game. You may chose to use a different version of MAME, but you may get an error when trying to load Don't worry! We will go over how to get around such problems in a later section.

A special MK2+ version of MAME64 is available in the download section. To setup this version of MAME, you first have to download it. Once downloaded you are going to extract Inside our MAME64 folder we will find an EXE and a txt file.

Next create a new folder and name it "roms". 

Our patched MK2+ rom file needs to be placed into this folder. Since this version of MAME will find MK2+ as it's own program, we will need to rename the rom file from "" to "".


 Now that we have the rom in place, we can launch MAME64.exe, find "Mortal Kombat II Plus (Hack)" on the list, and run it. If you are running windows 10 you may receive a warning message. Simply click "more info" and then "run anyway".


While inside of MAME you can customize your buttons and settings by pressing the "Tab" key. To change your button mappings you want to select "Input(this Machine)". To change MK2+ settings you can do that in the "Dip Switches" menu by turning on "Test Switch". Keep in mind that you need to turn "Test Switch" off again before it will allow you to get back into the game (the F2 button is a shortcut button to toggle the "Test Switch" on and off). 

With newer versions of MAME you will get this error if you try to load MK2+

To Launch MK2+ you need to do it from command line. One method is to go to command prompt, change directory to your MAME directory, and load MAME with this command

This method can be annoying, so the best thing to do is create a batch file (like a shortcut) to load the game. To create a batch file simply load notepad and type in the following..

Once done, you're going to click "File > Save as...", change the save as type to "All files", name the file "MK2Plus.bat", and save it in your MAME folder.

You now have a shortcut to play Mk2+

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