MK1 Plus - Suggestions (Reminder)

3 days 15 hours ago - 2 days 8 hours ago #483 by CLE
This topic is just a reminder with my suggestions submitted, in order not to get lost:

1- Fix glitch in Game Audits after getting a Reptile clue;
2- Allow Player 1 to get 10 million points after defeating Reptile (only PL2 gets this score by defeating Reptile);
3- Remove the name Scorpion in Reptile's lifebar;
4- Restore "I Am Reptile. Find Me!" Clue (Abystus was able to fix this programming error creating a cheat);
5- Increase the chances to get Reptile clues;
6- Allow Sonya to be able to face Reptile after using block in Fatality move;
7- Fix kombat zone lineup for Cage, Kano and Raiden in 1 player mode (playing with these characters, after "Throne Room" they skip "Goro's Lair stage" following to "The Courtyard stage.");
8- Restore old Goro's Lair music, lost after the prototype version;
9- Prevent "demo mode sound" turn off (mute) after some time in this mode;
10- Center the characters in screen before the fight begins on this kombat zones "Palace Gates" and "Goro's Lair;"
11- Fix ninjas's heads sprite that Sub-Zero holds in hand during spine rip Fatality (fixed in PC version).
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1 day 16 hours ago - 1 day 16 hours ago #488 by Postmortem
12- Fix Fujin's flying knee move. He goes too high.
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