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I don't know if you are aware of this, but Snark-4918 managed to make Reptile, Shang Tsung and Goro playable on the SNES port of MK1 ( )

Their moveset is as follows:

Note: Reptile has access to the movesets of both Scorpion and Sub-Zero, however not at the same time, and he must switch stances. Reptile will always start a round in the Scorpion Stance.
Switch Stance: L OR Select(Hold) + HP OR Select(Hold) + HK OR Select(Hold) + LP OR Select(Hold) + LK

Punch and Grab: HP(Close)
Fireball: LK
Stomp: Up
Taunt: Back OR Down

Shang Tsung:
Fireball: Block OR Back OR UP OR Down
Johnny Cage : HK
Kano: HP
Raiden: LK
Liu Kang: LP
Scorpion: Select (Hold) + HK
Sub-Zero: Select (Hold) + HP
Sonya: Select (Hold) + LK
Goro: Select (Hold) + LP
Shang Tsung : L (When Morphed)

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