Vs. Cheats not working. Anyone else?

2 days 1 hour ago #1250 by UnknownMK
Anyone else out there playing this on hardware (not emulation) and having an issue with vs. cheats not working? I have 3 boards. 2 upgraded to +, 1 virgin 3.1. On the 3.1 board vs. cheat "disable throws" works fine. On the other 2 I can't get any vs. cheats to work including the bosses. As a test I upgraded the virgin board to + and now that one also will no longer register cheats. Before you ask, yes, on the first 2 boards I have all hidden characters unlocked, including the bosses AND have vs. cheats enabled in the test menu. It's clearly not my boards as cheats don't work on any of the 3. But when I downgrade to 3.1 they work again. Also, I'm running + through mame on a raspberry pi and cheats don't work on that one either. So it can't be just hardware related. Any ideas???

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Created by ZPaul2Fresh8

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