Help this blind guy with MK II screen layout and cheats...

1 month 1 week ago #1284 by BlakeHardin
Hi all, so I just downloaded MK II plus and I am playing on Retroarch. But I have a few questions. I know we have an extra options menu for cheats but how do you access this? Is it done through the service menu of mame or something like that? I am asking as I am blind and so wouldn't know if it was right in front of me. But on the main menu of the game I see only 3 options and none of those are it. I see arcade mode, survival and some other mode that I'm not sure of yet. So how do you access the secret options? Also, what is the layout of the secret options on that menu? I hope their is a sound associated with the arrows when you move things around.

One more question... I have been trying to find mame cheats for this game like infanent health etc. But in Retroarch I downloaded the cheat database and nothing for MK II came up. Anyone have mame cheats for this game? I refuse to fight that input reading piece of shit computer fairly :) It already stole enough quarters when I was a kid! I just wanna take some quarters back :P Thanks for any help!

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