Running Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Plus on Macintosh (and maybe Linux)

4 weeks 1 day ago #1233 by VulgarisMagistralis
Ok, so UMK3 is different from MK2 in the sense that we need a bespoke Mame binary.

So, a Mac user can either try and recompile Mame for Mac, or emulate/simulate a Windows environment. I've decided to go with the latter option. This how I did it:

My Mac is using Mac OS 10.15.3 (aka Catalina), which dropped 32-bit support altogether.

Instead of a full emulation, I've decided to use Wine. But Wine's 64-bit flavour is not fully matured yet, so I had to get a developer version.

So, step #1 is to patch the ROMs. I did exactly the same I described in the equivalent topic in the Mortal Kombat II forum.

Step #2 was to get Wine for 64-bit. I used Homebrew:

In the command line, I did:
$ brew install homebrew/cask-versions/wine-devel

But it failed with an error telling me I need XQuartz. To fix it, I did this:
$ brew cask install xquartz

Then I retried the Wine cask:
$ brew cask reinstall wine-devel

It completed normally.

Step #3 was to download Mame 64+ from this website.

I have a Mame 64 already installed on my user's home path, and I got some ROMs ready for action. I didn't want to end up with duplicated files, so I made some house-keeping first. This is what I got:

I've decided to create a symbolic link to get the roms directory inside the Windows version of Mame:
$ sn -l /Users/gim17/Applications/Mame/roms /Users/gim17/Applications/Windows/Mame/

Now, drop the mame64.exe file into the ~/Applications/Windows/Mame directory and that should take care of that.

Step #4 is to run it. All it takes is this:
$ wine64 ./mame64.exe

That should bring up the main Mame user interface and any MK Plus (both 2 and 3) should be ready to be played. Since Wine doesn't emulate Windows completely, it should be relatively lightweight. The same keys are used for both Mac and Windows executables of Mame, so pressing Tab will bring up the menu, F2 should bring up the test screen, ESC should close everything.

Wine was developed for Linux, so I reckon it works on Linux as well, but instead of Homebrew, one should use apt-get or whatever that Linux distro requires.

I hope that helps any lost Mac users out there.

And good job guys, UMK3+ looks great so far!

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4 weeks 1 day ago - 4 weeks 1 day ago #1234 by RustyDawg37
How is the performance? I honestly have no idea how well this works. You definitely went the hard way IMO. Retroarch and mame2003plus core is probably going to give you the best experience. Actually, as long as you are not playing online, thats probably the best option no matter your OS, now that it supports the Team Plus games.
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4 weeks 4 hours ago - 4 weeks 4 hours ago #1235 by VulgarisMagistralis
I see no hiccups in performance, sound is fine, video is fine, resolution is as good as one can expect for such a game. This machine has a 2.2 GHz 6-Core Intel i7 processor, graphic card is Intel UHD Graphics 630, 16GB memory. It's decent, not great.

I don't even know how to play online, my priority so far was to get the patched game running; but I'll attempt other routes soon and if I have anything interesting to report, I'll post here. If you guys find anything useful don't hesitate in publishing to your FAQs or something similar.
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4 weeks 4 hours ago #1236 by RustyDawg37
Hey, if it aint broke, don't fix it. I also forgot about the Final Burn family and its respective retroarch cores as an option, but I will say that emulation wise that would probably be the worst option. Still an option though if they work on Mac. If you ever have any trouble, the first thing I would do is switch to on of the native versions of mame on MacOS. Good luck and enjoy!

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