*Reported* Interesting glitch: survival [nearly] instant death

7 months 2 weeks ago #1226 by VulgarisMagistralis
Ok, I understand the reasoning behing this, and perhaps it's not necessarily a bug, but the game doesn't fail gracefully, so here it goes:

1. Start a survival mode game.
2. When you lose a match and your character is stunned, press start for the other player.
3. Win the 2 rounds on the versus mode.
4. Let the countdown run out. The original player should go back to survival mode.
5. When the match starts, you will start with nothing in your life bar. But if you are fast enough you can do some moves before being stunned again.

This glitch occurs with any amount of life, as the life bar is simply being remebered from the last match.

Suggestions for fixing:

If the bar is completely empty, perhaps we should start a brand new survival game? Can we completely cancel the survival mode and go to game over when the versus match is over?
Maybe we could bar the second player from joining during a "finish him/her" period.
Or we could add a wee bit of life to the character. You know.. a single blow should be mortal.
I think restarting survival later makes more sense though.

There. My 2 cents. Have fun!
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7 months 5 days ago #1243 by zpaul2fresh8
Thanks for your findings. This was improved with MK1 by having a save/restore function if a player were to buy-in. I'll see about implementing this into MKII+ as well.

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