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I just wanna say that i love MK2+ Beta 2 but for few reasons im still playing Beta 1...
Sorry but i will be completly honest which doesnt means that i despice all the awesome work that you have done!

I think you have changed and nerfed too much the 3 secret characters starting with Noob Saibot, and SPECIALLY Jade... :

1- You have removed 2 of the 3 special moves of Jade.
2- You have changed Noob Saibot original teleport punch (which was identical to Scorpion´s teleport punch) for the new one similar to Kung Lao's teleport and it sucks.
3- I dont get the point of decrease the amounth of smoke puffs that Smoke makes... Its just useless, why??? It was PERFECT just the same it was on the original MK2 rev L3.1 and the first Public Beta 1, it looks much better when Smoke makes LOT of smoke puffs. Why guys why???

The point of unlocking secret characters is to get a BIG reward for all the effort you put in! If they all were "overpowered" whats wrong with that??? Isnt it the original meaning of the secret characters? Its just senseless to nerf secret characters to make them balanced with the rest of normal characters... Its unfair.
Please restore them for keeping the original meaning, dont nerf them, dont make them balanced, thats not the purpose of secret characters. And for God´s sake, dont think on change Noob Saibot palette to make him more "visible", that will be a big mistake.
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