CPU difficulty ruins an otherwise excellent game.

3 months 1 hour ago #1286 by BlakeHardin
Alright I have spent a few weeks with the game and still don't even have the secret players. Here are my blunt observations.
This could be one of the best games out their...
You wanna know what would actually make your work that you put in worth taking the time to figure out? Something that would give people a reason to replay the game? Take all the AI cheating away! Grab you while mid sweeping? Countering every special you do? Reading every input? And this is on easy! Sorry but this AI breaks the game!!! Not everyone can or wants to spend hours apon hours trying to beat a CPU that was clearly designed to cheat! If you don't want to change the CPU because you enjoy it for whatever reason, please give the players the option to do so!
Changing the CPU's cheap tactics doesn't change the games core experience but rather ads to it as many people like myself don't have anyone else to play with and just wanna sit down and have a bit of fun by beating the game and unlocking the secret players.
Having a game that you can actually have a chance at winning would give players the insentave to play the game more. And this is the point of having this version with all kinds of secrets right?
You get to keep it alive by correcting the cheap AI and making the game what it should of been in the first place.
No other MK is this difficult including UMK3!
how many players stay away because the AI was clearly programmed to be cheap.
So if you want people to enjoy the game and actually figure out the cool stuff you can do with this hack then you need to address the CPU difficulty! As it stands now I'm done trying to have fun with it. No fun to be had with a CPU that counters everything you do. Yes I have seen all the videos on how to beat the game but whats the point if that's the only way it can be done? Why would I wanna play it when you have to win by cheap shit? I want to pick up the game and just have some fun. When it says easy it should be easy.
I'm surprised they were able to get away with having the CPU this cheap back in the day and never got called out on it. It wouldn't of been difficult to prove that those machines were designed to steal money from the players.
As much as I would like to play as the bosses and other secret players I'm not going to spend hours of my life trying not to lose with a cheap input reading CPU. Please change the CPU difficulty so the game can be enjoied like it is supposed to be!

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