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1 year 1 month ago #1124 by Tehdrewsus

It would be awesome if you guys can remove the black screen from sub-zero's censored head-rip fatality and actually show it in all its glory. Super dope if an uncensored version can be made... Keep up the great work! I hope this project gets more popular.

I hope you've been watching my streams :)

Got some progress on some Trilogy moves for balance options, as well as some other things... including a fully featured noob saibot!
For additional moves so far I? have...
Double missile for Sektor
USub's ice clone truly unblockable
Faster ice startup for CSub

Noob's move in a non broken state.

CSub's fatality will stay how it is. Nothing to say that some characters won't get a third fatality, or more easter eggs ;)

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1 year 2 weeks ago #1132 by Maggo
I made my own version of Rain's lightning with sprites that resemble the ones used in MKT (they're just edited versions of the lightning used in Nightwolf's Lightning Hatchet fatality). If you'd like you can use it in the 2nd Beta.

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9 months 1 day ago #1227 by ermacermac

Special moves:
Kitana - faster fan throws, down, forward, HP+LP in air - throw a fan down/forward diagonally
Mileena - all specials a little faster, ground roll with better trajectory for juggles, second input for sai : back,forward,HP - so can be done easier, chain combo HP, HP, HK, HK, D - F + LK with better launch at the end
Jade - all boomerangs faster, shadow kick covering 1,5x bigger distance, projectile shield 1,5x times longer
Shang Tsung - place switch (morph sprites): back, forward, HK, reverse ground fire: back,back,forward, LK
Scorpion - forward teleport
Classic Sub-Zero - slide covering bigger distance, ground ice stay longer
Unmasked Sub-Zero - chain combo HP,HP,LP,back+HK - using standing HK as last attack and launching opponent into air
Sektor - double missile
Sindel - scream covering bigger distance, less damage protection after her launchers
Sheeva - down,forward,LP - anti air throw from ground position, using Sheeva's standard throw sprites, have bigger priority then enemy's jumping attacks, a little faster fireball, ground pound launches opponent, not very high, but if you close enough, can be used as combo starter
Cyrax - faster net, bombs stay longer, hand controlled explosion, while bombs still present HP+LP = explode close bomb, HK+LK = explode far bomb, teleport can be done with attacks - LK - jumping kick, HK - standing jumping kick LP - throw, HP-standing jumping punch,
Liu Kang - faster fireballs, bycicle kick does MK2 damage
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