Just few suggestions for the upcomming beta 2

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Before saying anything i wanna say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this AWESOME masterpiece work called UMK3+, No, im serios, thank you for everything guys, you are really awesome and all of us are really grateful to you.

Here are my little suggestions for the upcomming UMK3+ beta 2:

1- I know you are working on giving special moves to Noob Saibot... But i have a little feeling that you are planning to nerf him :D because you did it with MK2+ Beta 2 ´s Jade and Noob Saibot... and thats what i wanna BEG you to dont do :'v . PLEASE guys dont nerf Noob Saibot, please please :''v . Let him be the exact OP version of home consoles. Noob Saibot deserves to be OP because he was always "special", what i mean is: he was always a hidden boss for some reason... So it could be nice to let him be what Ed Boon and John Tobias originaly created :/ . Here is my point; if you activate the Noob Saibot fight in Kahn´s treasures, what is more challenging? A nerfed Noob Saibot or an original OP Noob Saibot? It makes more sense to keep him OP to keep that "boss" tittle on him. So thats why i think he should be an exactly copy of the one of Sega Genesis port.
In that port, Noob kept the same fast walking speed was the ARCADE version plus he gained his 3 special moves + brutality. I know his boss health was changed.
Also i wanna ask you for keep him chained to Noob´s Dorfen ONLY when you fight him in Kahn´s Treasures.

2- About Rain i cant say anything bad about him because you guys made an awesome work by crerating him from 0. But i have a little suggestion. I have realized his walking speed is much lower than his Genesis/Snes versions and even MK Trilogy version. I know Rain was a bit OP in those versions. But i will always love things being more similar to the original ones, so thats why i would like to see Rain with higher walking speed. And another detail is the time lapse between you can perform his Lightning special move, in my opinion is too much, i mean he needs to be able to perform it with higher frecuency. Thats all what i can say about Rain.

3- Please i beg you to bring back Noob's Saibot red blood, because his black blood looks more like "robot oil instead blood". Even in MK Trilogy Noob has red blood, please bring it back. I will always repeat that i love things being as close as possible to the original ones.

4- I think i already asked for this to Drew in one of his live streamings xD ... But i wanna ask for it again. PLEASE include Noob's Dorfen and Hidden Portal in the normal stage rotation, and create a speciffic Kombat Code for playing in Hidden Portal since Noob's Dorfen already has one.

5- About the harder improved iA. For God´s sake dont make it obligatory as a standard iA PLEASE GUYS! We all know you are awesome good players in UMK3 and you can beat cpu so easily. But i and most of the mortals on this word just CANT beat UMK3 cpu iA because it is one of the hardest iA in a fighting game ever, it can always read all your imputs even before you can press any button :''v and many times the goddamn cpu makes me flawless victory, thats too much, sorry for being noob, but thats the way i am :'D , and you pretend to make it even MORE harder???? Please guys i beg you, make it optional, otherwise i wont beat not even the first character in the easiest tower!
As a fact of matter this is one of the main reasons why i have always enjoyed much more to play against cpu in MK2... because at least i can beat the game with all the characters. I have never beaten UMK3 with all the characters simply because its impossible for me thaks to the high difficulty.

Well, those are my suggestions, i hope you can consider to apply them, or at least some of them :D Thank you for everything guys!.
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