Stryker- Horizontal red line (Please, fix it)

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2 weeks 4 days ago #1022 by T.Rieper
it's just a red t-shirt.

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3 days 2 hours ago #1041 by Tehdrewsus
Short answer, no B)

Long answer...

I actually tried fixing this quite some time ago. What you're seeing, of course, is the portrait sprite of Stryker's character select/tower icon. You also see the color palette that's been assigned to that particular sprite, coloring in the sprite.

Think of sprites and palettes as pages of a paint by number page, and each color, respectively. Each pixel of the sprite has a value assigned to it, that corresponds to the numerical value of each palette. For instance, if a particular pixel value of a sprite is 00, then it would most likely be a transparent pixel, as that's how the sprites work. But if the next value is, say, 02, and the color value of the palette at the 2nd byte position is 7C00 (red), that particular pixel in the sprite would be colored red.

Here's where the issue comes in. If you look at Stryker's portrait, certain pixels in his face have the same value as the red stripe in his shirt. So in order to rectify this specific issue, we'd have to change the SPRITE data, NOT the palette data. Palette data fixes are simple, unfortunately sprite data changes are not. To properly fix this, we'd have to actually change the data on the graphics chips. Which we have added graphics data, but updating sprite data on existing graphics chips would require changes to FOUR gfx chips - 4 ROM chips are interleaved for one range of graphics addresses. The additional cost of 4 GFX roms for a simple change like that really isn't worth it.

Hope that makes sense.

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