Cyber Sub-Zero

1 year 2 months ago #1179 by iRaiseHell
Cyber Sub-Zero was created by iRaiseHell
With the new time line we have Cyber Sub-Zero in MK9/MKX. Personally, Sub-Zero has been my favorite character since MK1 days with his brutal spine rip fatality. First Fatality I ever remember seeing, hooked from then on. His cyber variation is my favorite too. I know there's already 2 other Subs but a guy can dream can't he?!? Plus it'd be easier to add I believe.

Obviously a pallet swap of the cyber ninjas
Cyrax win pose
Sounds are already there

Freeze Bombs (close, mid & far) - Cyrax bombs that freeze, maybe go off if touched as well. (MK9 move)
Teleport - Cyrax style, in air too (MK9 move)
Dive Kicks - Kung Lao style (MK9 move)
Ice Clone - Unmasked Sub move (MK9 move)

Freeze rockets instead of traditional Ice Ball
Freeze Rocket - Sektor's rocket that freezes
Homing Freeze Rocket - Sektor's homing rocket that freezes

Freeze Gun - Sektor’s flame thrower move but unmasked sub’s frozen breath of cool air but comes from the wrist
Self-Destruct - Same as Cyrax
Freeze Grenade - Cyber Smoke's move but freeze bomb?

Dance - Cyrax move
Blue Bubbles - Kitana's bubbles but from the chest and blue
Snowman - Unmasked Subzero's move

Polar Bear - Unmasked Sub Zero's move
Penguin - But drops a freeze bomb

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7 months 2 weeks ago #1285 by HMPoweredMan
Replied by HMPoweredMan on topic Cyber Sub-Zero
I second this!

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5 months 5 days ago #1323 by SouL BreaKeR
Replied by SouL BreaKeR on topic Cyber Sub-Zero
It could be really nice to have Cyber Sub-Zero, as a fact of matter there is already a Sega genesis UMK3 hack that has Cyber Sub-Zero as a secret playable character, works very fine.

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