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I think you know Pedro, who is a rumored character in MK3 Playstation version. And he is a palette-swap of Stryker.
A question: Is it possible to add him in the game? If so, let me know...

My suggestion to play as him:
To play as/unlock Pedro, you must complete the game with Stryker by using fatalities (no matter fatality 1 or 2) in every stages (except Motaro and Shao Kahn). Then, choose the 5th treasure of Shao Kahn (this will be the random select).
After all these, at the end of cast of characters screen, Pedro jumps off and says "Olah, soy Pedro. From this point on, I'm now at your control!)

His portrait would be by Sektor's portrait. (Note that if you haven't unlocked Pedro, only an MK Dragon symbol appears!)

Move list for Pedro:

Farting: Forward, Forward + Low Kick
High Farting: Back, Back + High Kick
Chili (pepper) Spray: Back, Back + High Punch
Chili throwing: Back, Forward + Low Punch

Fatality 1 - 'Too much chili': Back, Down, Down, Forward + Low Punch (Pedro blows a lots of chili into the enemy's body, then it explodes.)
Fatality 2 - 'Mega fire fart': Forward, Forward, Down, High Kick + Low Kick (Pedro farts onto the enemy, which burns and becomes a skull.)
Animality: (Pedro turns into a bull and runs into the enemy that falls into pieces.) Down, Back, Back, Forward, Block + Run
Babality: Back, Back, Back, Forward, Down + Low Punch
Friendship: Down, Forward, Low Punch + High Punch (Pedro shows a pinata to the enemy.)
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