What is it?

Based on Revision 3.1, Mortal Kombat 2+ picks up where the original developer's left off by adding much requested features and customization. Which is still a Work In Progress project.

How did this start?

This slowly cultivated itself last year after restoration of my first and favorite game MK II. I initially ran the original revision 3.1L, but grew tired of it after seeing hacks like 'Tournament Edition' and 'Challenger' so I switched to MK2TE. But I felt MK2TE had it's own flaws (Johnny Cage's Shadow Kick for one) and I decided to learn about making my own revision from 3.1L as it's base.

Abystus' work motivated me, he created a MAME cheat for playing as secret characters. His method changed Sub-Zero to Noob Saibot, Reptile to Smoke and Kitana to Jade when you enable the cheat during the game. So my first goal: Make the 3 original characters still available, and make an alternate method for choosing the secret characters. I've also enabled their sprites to appear on-screen upon selection.

What Else?

Afterwards I decided to move onto one of the most challenging features. Adding a new menu into the CMOS Test Menu, I call it "MK2 Settings" A lot of time went into this feature, but I felt it was necessary for us purists who wanted a stock 3.1L revision at times.

Added Audits!

This may just be my OCD when addressing this but I figured for all you guys who use their machines for revenue may find this useful. I've added the 3 secret characters to the audits.

Reset Unlocks!

Alike Ultimate MK3, you can choose to re-lock the secret characters if you've already unlocked them. This is useful to force stock characters in tourney play or if you wish to challenge yourself to unlock them again.

Random Ladders!

Did you know there are only 6 predefined ladder arrangements in the factory 3.1L revision? My 'Random Ladder' option fixes that by 100% randomizing every ladder slot with the exception of Endurance, Kintaro and Shao Kahn. If you want a challenge, throw in random endurance matches if your difficulty is on Very Hard!

Endurance Matches!

This feature was on everyone's wishlist. It's relatively new in development but it's finally here and I can't wait to see how far I can take this. I think it's opened the door for a completely new single player game mode in the future!

Goro's Lair!

Most good hacks have Goro's lair, but none have it corrected. I have taken the time to center the stage and have corrected background layer placements afterwards so it looks fantastic. Shadows coming soon!

Cheat System Added!

If you're here then you've probably played this game a million times, so why not add a twist to an old game? These cheats will add more replay value to it. How many cheats are there? Where can I find them? How are they activated? I guess the mysteries still live on...

Kombo System!

Kombo's now have a displayed hit count on-screen. This is a great addition and I feel I could even improve on it by adding more FX

Alternate Select Screen

For a challenge to myself, I implemented a new character select screen which makes room for secret characters and also multiple fighters on screen for the upcoming 2v2 game mode! Also available in this new select screen is the ability to alternate your palette.

2 vs. 2 Tag Mode

With this game mode you can battle it out 2 on 2, and at any moment you can press start to tag in your teammate! This is allowing for some awesome combos between the team!


+1 #3 Santos 2021-01-25 16:25
#2 Smoker1 2021-01-01 00:25
Patch your Rom, then run either on a Actual Machine, or through a Emulator ( HBMAME, this Group's MAME Emulator, or FinalBurn Neo (RetroArch or Official))
+6 #1 RikyValladares10 2020-01-02 05:03
How to install?

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