Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Plus, a Team Plus game!
Created by TehDrewsus and ZPaul2Fresh8
Development Tools by Abystus and BRE
Tested by PostMortem and Parallax MKChile





Finishing Moves:

Scorpion’s Pack fatality:

no longer causes crash/reset on Subway stage

no longer leaves flashing image of Robots when screen fades

brings fighters to correct Y coordinate of floor when reappearing in Scorpion’s Layer

Nightwolf’s Holy Light fatality no longer leaves behind sparks vs Robots

Sindel’s Scream fatality vs mirror match correctly shows P2 image of Sindel instead of corrupted sprite

Sindel’s Scream fatality correct palettes created for:



Classic Sub Zero

Human Smoke

Noob Saibot

Rain (new character enhancement)



Bloody Skeleton (Sheeva and Sindel fatalities) blood drop X and Y offset corrected for 2 and 4 armed skeletons

Sheeva’s Ground Pound fatality:

Correct grunts/screams for all characters

Correct Blood Palettes on each hit

Death scream priorities updated to no longer cut off at announcer voice

Blood follows character’s head on each hit

Jax Grow and Stomp sprites no longer cross/corrupt when performed in corner

Kano’s skeleton rip fatality now produces a four-armed skeleton when performed on Sheeva

Kano’s Eye Laser fatality no longer causes duplicate characters to glow red in 2v2

“Ghost” palettes from Kabal’s scared stiff fatality created for:

Robot Smoke





Classic Sub Zero

Human Smoke

Noob Saibot (shared with Classic Sub Zero for Lore)

Rain (new character enhancement)

Human Smoke cut palette corrected

Reptile cut palette corrected to resemble green blood

Shang Tsung no longer reappears after screen fade to black when performing Classic Sub Zero’s head rip fatality

Player 2 cut palettes created for characters that have dismemberment finishers:

Sektor (Animality)

Stryker (Animality)

Liu Kang (Animality)




Human Smoke

Rain (new character enhancement)

Blood “explosion” palettes created for non-red blooded characters

Also applies to Pit 3 stage fatality

Blood explosion locations corrected to center on characters

Stage fatalities no longer create incorrect vertical scrolling under certain conditions

Opponent must be standing and in “dizzy” status to perform stage fatalities

Stage fatalities no longer whiff when performed by or vs certain characters under certain conditions

Maximum distance requirement modified to perform stage fatality

Stage fatalities can no longer be glitched to perform standard uppercut, allowing additional moves to be done on opponent

Opponent must be in “dizzy” status to perform stage fatalities

Ermac and Classic Sub Zero given babality inputs

Ermac: Down, Down, Down, Run

Classic Sub Zero – Down, Forward, Down, Run

Robot Smoke’s baby palette fixed to accurately reflect color

Animality without performing Mercy first bug fixed

Nightwolf friendship text no longer shows blue when a Kombat Kode is input

Smoke effect on Smoke characters no longer darkens when finisher is performed

Kano/Ermac/Jax/Shang and Usub/Lao/CSub death screams fixed

Were transposed in 1.2, the death scream was given to the incorrect chars

Death scream audio priorities fixed so they aren’t cut by announcer voice

Classic Sub Zero and Human Smoke given Mercy Announcements

When Mercy is performed in 2v2, the correct name is announced every time.



Special Moves and In Kombat Fixes:

Jax P1/P2 disparity:

P2 Jax can now perform Dash Punch while charging LK for Ground Pound

Jax can no longer perform Multiple Ground Pound by pressing and charging LK one frame after releasing LK

Sektor P1/P2 disparity:

P2 Sektor can now fire regular missile while Homing Missile is on screen

Sektor’s Homing Missile finisher and mercy glitches fixed as Homing Missile will inactivate and pass opponent when finishing move is activated.

Shang Tsung given morphs for Robot and Human Smoke

Robot Smoke: Down, Forward, Forward, LP

Human Smoke: Back, Back, Forward, LP

NOTE: Smoke WILL have Smoke effect when shang morphs into them.

Shang Tsung morph palettes created for:


Robot Smoke






Classic Sub Zero

Human Smoke

Noob Saibot

Rain (enhancement)


Forceball mercy and fatality glitches fixed; Forceball will inactivate and pass opponent without hitting when finishing move is activated.

Repeating Reptile’s Invisibility move will now cause Reptile to become visible; as is consistent with Robot Smoke’s Invisibility.

Kano’s Knife Throw now causes blood spatter and opponent grunt (consistent with MK1 move and reaction)

Invisible Character fixes:

Smoke, Reptile, and Ermac while doing air teleport punch now become visible after:

Air throw by Kano, Cyrax, Smoke, Scorpion/HSmoke

First hit of Jax Gotcha Grab

Liu Kang Bicycle Kick

Female ninja now have a vocal sound and sweep noise when performing a sweep

Damage Readout:

Air throws added to hits and damage percentage

Ermac lift shown as hit in combo and damage percentage added, but does NOT add to kombo hit counting toward hit limit for lift

In Randper Kombat, alternate palettes will appear if a player on either side morphs into the same character as opponent

When mercy is performed, the stage background color will be restored on the following stages:

Bridge, Soul Chamber, Bell Tower, Graveyard (MK3)

Waterfront, Desert (UMK3)

Shang Tsung morph back bug (Tsung Lock) no longer occurs in Randper Kombat

Randper Kombat now allows morphs to Classic Sub Zero and Human Smoke

Heads Up Display Fixes:

Player 2 life bar name plate X coordinates adjusted

Player 2 wins graphics X coordinates adjusted

Player 2 wins adjusts correctly after 100+ wins

Double Flawless displayed when winning 2 rounds flawless

Character animation fixes:

Male ninja upper body matches lower body when walking

Unmasked Sub Zero backwards walk animation fixed

Sonya uppercut recovery fixed

Kabal round-ending in being swept animation fixed

Jax being swept animation fixed

Mileena no longer has “hitch” in stance animation when given control after “FIGHT”

All Male ninjas have correct stance in 2v2 whether they are in front or back

Shao Kahn animation corrected returning to ground from rising shoulder charge

Robot Smoke will now spark during Finish Him

Human Smoke given P2 alternate palette

Human smoke smoking effect restored after uppercut stage transition (H/T Konqrr)

Motaro Green blood restored from MK3

Kahn will not announce round winner vs Kahn in arcade ladder

Kahn is KO’d, wouldn’t announce a winner

Consistent with MK2

Longer transition between rounds vs Kahn

Causes round end Taunt to not bleed over into next round

Silent Kombat Kode fixes:

No longer plays round end music

No longer plays finish him fanfare (will play finisher activation sfx)

No longer plays stage music after uppercut stage transition

Stage rotation fixes:

No longer required to repeat UMK3 stages twice before MK3 stages appear

Bridge/Soul Chamber/Balcony loop removed

Uppercut stage transition is remembered and stage is marked in rotation so stage does not repeat for next match

Start in random stage within stage rotation

Human Smoke no longer stage locked to Scislac Busorez in arcade mode

Noob Saibot no longer stage locked to Noob’s Dorfen


Non-Kombat Fixes

AAMA screen formatted to center screen, isn’t cut on the right side

Test Menu no longer cut off at bottom of screen

Attract Mode:

Characters no longer fall or go into victory pose during attract mode sequence fights following game over screen

Rain given proper life bar name plate

Rain is no longer palette swapped Reptile (result of Rain addition enhancement)

All character bios have been added, and all character bios will display throughout attract mode sequence

All character bios uniformly formatted and all off screen text issues corrected.

Select Screen:

Alternate palette appears on the fly if Player 1 moves to same fighter player 2 is currently on

Player 1 no longer takes on alternate palette when player 2 has Shang Tsung highlighted

Characters in 1v1 on select screen are in front of Human Smoke and Noob Saibot Portraits prior to being selected as well as when selected (NOTE: based on Juggernaut’s hack bug)

Noob Saibot now announced as “Toasty!” when selected

Borders placed around Human Smoke’s and Noob Saibot’s portraits (NOTE: Based on Juggernaut’s hack select screen bug)

Blinking Cursors are fully behind characters and in front of portraits on select screen

Blinking Cursor visual overlap issues alleviated

Choose Your Destiny Screen:

Warrior and Master tower text now centered on Towers

“You will never win” Choose your Destiny audio taunt moved from Warrior to Master II/Champion

2nd Master tower text replaced with “CHAMPION” graphic

Fly-ins correct to vertical placement when zooming in

“Choose your Destiny” text removed with text graphic and dragon icon after tower selection

Versus Screen:

Right Dragon shifted to right to correct screen position

P1 Vs screen palette created for Jade – P2 was used for Both, more closely resembles P2 outfit.

P2 Vs screen palettes created for Kitana, Scorpion, Human Smoke, Noob Saibot, and Rain (as enhancement)

Black inner vest palette on Scorpion, Human Smoke, and Noob fixed

Human Smoke P1 versus palette lightened slightly to more accurately resemble in kombat palette.

Kontinue Screen:

Player 1/Player 2 text no longer displays blue if kombat kode is input in kombat

Kahn Defeat Sequence:

Kahn now visible in Subway during defeat sequence

UMK3 stages do not repeat as often

New stages added to rotation during sequence

Start button input disabled during defeat sequence

Reward Selection/Credits:

Start button disabled during reward selection screen and Credits

John Turk credited for Classic Sub Zero, Human Smoke, Noob Saibot, Rain


Audio Fixes:

Death scream priorities updated to not cut off at announcer voice

Scorpion/Human Smoke Get over here/Come here no longer cut by blood spatter

Reptile acid spit reflection by Nightwolf audio fixed on hit

Kitana, Jade, Scorpion and Reptile give MK3 announcer “wins” voice

Noob Saibot no longer announced as “Kano Wins” when being selected from select screen, entering in 2v2, or morphed in Randper Kombat

Announced as “Toasty!”

Correct stage music plays when uppercut from Bank to Rooftop. While this previously was not an issue because the bank was not in UMK3, MK3 had a bug where upon transition the Street music was played until end of that round.


Stage Fixes:

Pit 3 platform lowered so characters don’t look like they’re falling off the stage

Scorpion’s Layer:

Skull on right side of stage pulled in to view

Odd layering issue fixed that created brown “blank” pixels on right side. NOTE – this probably isn’t visible on CRTs but is visible in MAME and on arcade machines with LCD monitors

Rooftop: moved background layer a few pixels right so it’s centered. NOTE – probably not visible on CRTs but can be seen on MAME and arcade hardware with LCD monitors.


Light reflection on water aligned correctly

Purple blocking on left and right sides corrected

Broken bridge piece in right corner brought back into view


Columns on top raised so no black bars when jumping

Broken pieces top right corner of stage are corrected

Bell Tower:

Bell is visible in the center of the stage

When certain characters were uppercutted for stage fatal, part of their body could be seen in mid air, not moving, before falling. Adjusted Y coordinate of victim to fix.

Kahn’s Kave:

Parallax issue resolved, Stairs to cave exit no longer shown as broken with void behind them in corner.

Scislac Busorez:

No more black bar when jumping

This was achieved by moving background assets up, and adding some to the bottom


Background layer shifted several pixels right to alleviate unused background space

Stage Rotation:

If you uppercut an opponent to a stage transition, you will finish your match in that stage, but the next fight will NOT repeat the stage you uppercut to.






The Bank has been restored!

Looks identical to MK3, assets ported directly off MK3 graphics chips

Uppercuts to rooftop

The Hidden Portal has been restored!

Identical appearance to MK3, assets ported directly from MK3 graphics

Corrupted palette on background image fixed

Stage background slightly raised compared to MK3 to keep from seeing black bar at top when jumping. Added additional assets under walkway to alleviate black bar at bottom as a result.

Portal Lightning will occasionally flash and cause a thunder noise (+ Addition)

Het Suswerd II Stage Added! (PLUS Addition)

Background is Hidden Portal with Blue coloring instead of red/orange

Between foreground and background, Pit II bridge looms to assist with corner tracking

Kahn’s Kave

Cloud animation at top of stairs to each Kave entrance

Graphics and palettes existed in ROM, created animation routine

Jade’s Desert:

Cyrax is not present writhing in desert if he is a selected fighter

Check is run for fighters prior to round start and if Cyrax is a fighter, the routine for that stage animation will not run.


A background layer has been shifted right to reveal Raiden towards left corner of the stage

Game Over stage:

Game over stage randomized at each Game Over instance

Beware Kahn’s Kave!


Stage order has been updated to manage stage rotation similar to MK3.

With the “original” setting on in CMOS, Stage rotation is familiar, with notes…

You will start in random spot in stage rotation like MK3, but stage rotation itself is static.

Stage rotation order: Subway, Street, Bank, Rooftop, Soul Chamber, Balcony, Bridge, Bell Tower, Kombat Temple, Graveyard, Pit 3, Hidden Portal, Waterfront, Scorpion’s Layer, Kahn’s Kave, Jade’s Desert, Scislac Busorez

By default, Noob’s Dorfen and Het Suswerd II are accessible by kombat kode only


Restored Bank and Hidden Portal are now showcased in Attract Mode fighting sequence


Unmasked Sub Zero

After Ice Blow fatality, Shao Kahn says “Frosty!”

Previously unused sound on audio chips


Helicopter fatality updated to correctly show blood explosion palettes. While this is technically an addition to UMK3+, it was attempted and failed in MKT by developers. Go check it out sometime.

Fatality spits out less body parts, as this caused screen flicker in 1.2 on some hardware.


Scream and skin rip fatal updates

4 armed skeleton now has green blood drops and sinew

Reptile’s skeleton now has green blood drops and sinew

Stage Fatalities

Heads up display (Lifebars, timer, etc) removed when stage fatals are performed

Consistent with MK2’s handling of life Heads up display

Fatality graphic

Blood drop animation restored!

Sprites were existing in ROM with palette

Custom routine created

Blood drops randomly from several predetermined locations on graphic, and will not drop in the same place twice in a row.

Palette Darkening Exclusion table:

Palettes added as needed to darkening exclusion table, IE, Noob Saibot, Human Smoke P2 palette, etc.

Tournament Mode:

Tournament mode has been updated. Overhaul in Beta 2!

Tournament mode now has stage rotation, was previously fought all in one stage

Semi Final and Final fights will be in Scislac Busorez, Hidden Portal, and Het Suswerd II, respectively

Flawless victory counts clear out between fights. Previously they did not, which necessitated a fix as Double Flawless will now display if one side wins 2 flawless victories during tournament.

Reward Fights:

Reward fights from Shao Kahn’s Treasures no longer fought exclusively on Pit 3.

Reward fights will now take place on a random stage.


Noob Saibot

Noob has 2 new palettes in game, P1 and P2 alt. He is no longer a shadow

Noob also has 2 new Vs screen palettes, P1 and P2 alt.

Human Smoke/Robot Smoke

Both Smoke characters will stop smoking when their health bar reaches zero.

If there are multiple Smoke characters on screen, the amount of smoke emitted by each is reduced.

Shang Tsung

Morph inputs added:

Noob: Forward, Down, Down, Back, HK

Rain: Run, Blk, LK

Ground eruption recovery time has time added to it if done during Finish Him; this was done to alleviate glitch finisher issues but still allow the move to be performed and not affect actual kombat.


Reptile has a walking animation more similar to his fighting stance


Nightwolf’s Axe will glow red when used in 4 and 5 hit combos ending with Axe, for the first axe in combo only.




Wins counters for P1 and P2

Wins counters in PvP mode will keep a tally now instead of only showing current streak

Wins in a row tracking kept in memory allowing Longest Winning Streaks to also function

Wins in a row will reset when human player enters while another is in arcade mode, when game is reset, at game over, and when losing vs CPU in arcade mode

Test Menu

UMK3+ settings added – more on this in + Additions section!

Disable Hiddens removed – no need as all characters are unlocked

Choose your Destiny:

Taunts for Novice, Warrior, and Master towers modified

All possible tower combinations enable as hiddens are permanently unlocked

Character Select Screen:

Human Smoke and Noob Saibot selectable on select screen (Carryover from Juggernaut hack). NOTE: Robot Smoke may still morph to Human Smoke during fights

When a player presses start to enter the character select screen when it is already running, Shao Kahn will taunt instead of the old 1.2 sound effect

Coin up Screen:

3 panel coin up screen has been replaced with customizable coin up screen.

More on this new screen in UMK3+ features under Test Menu

Endurance matches

New color E’s created to supplement existing 5 E palettes. Useful when Randomizer is on and Endurance tower is created.





Rain has been created and is a full featured character! Previously, he existed only as a clone of Reptile with a unique palette. He is only seen in the attract mode for UMK3, and for about two seconds of time. Now he exists as a selectable character in the arcade!

Character bio and ending have been imported from MK Trilogy source code

Featured in Attract Mode fight sequence as himself now, performing a combo vs Shao Kahn, where previously it was Reptile with Rain’s palette

Rain is fully functioning as an AI controlled character, and is seen in towers when Randomizer option is ON in test menu.

Portrait appears on new character select screen, and is accessible on original character select screen – place cursor on Reptile, Press and hold up and start, then press and hold HK while continuing to press and hold up and start, and hold until Explosion sound.

Rain Portrait thanks to Jesse Keiper

Announced on Character Select screen and in 2v2 Entrance with audience “gasp” sound effect

Win announcement is Shao Kahn’s short laugh sound effect

Character physical attributes:

Fighting stance and walking animation the same as Reptile – consistent with MK Trilogy for N64, and to differentiate him from other male ninja.

Audio (voice, grunts, etc) same as Reptile – consistent with MK Trilogy

Custom graphics and palettes created for Rain:

RAIN life bar – previously in attract mode the life bar was blank with text characters of a different font overlaid.

Mind Control Orb Projectile – 4 sprites imported onto graphics ROMs

P2 palette created for Rain

P1 and P2 Vs screen palettes created

Baby palette created

Small character (subway and scorpion’s layer stage fatal) palette created

Existing graphics used:

Lightning strike animation (special move and both fatalities) is reused, custom animation routine of Nightwolf’s Lightning Strike Fatality

Arm raise on lightning strike is reused Ermac lift animation, arm lowering in recovery is custom animation, reverse of raising arm.

Orb splash on hit/block is custom palette and routine of Sonya’s Ring Toss splash on hit/block

Rain drops and flowers on Friendship are reused sprites of Sonya’s Ring Toss splash in a custom animation, and flowers growing in a custom animation sequence.

Super Roundhouse:

Super Roundhouse behaves like MK Trilogy, with some exceptions. Due to the speed differences in UMK3 and MK Trilogy the following modifications are made:

Greater cooldown period between super roundhouse and regular roundhouse reaction. Roundhouse, anti air punch, roundhouse will still trigger another super roundhouse.

The trajectory of the super roundhouse is conducive to allowing multiple super round house moves in a combo. The characters have a slight amount more “float” in their flight path, as an exact copy from source code makes any hit after a super roundhouse vs a grounded character nearly impossible to connect.

The super roundhouse reaction also triggers double damage protection in any combo it starts or is involved in. This limits most combos involving one or more super roundhouse kicks to low 40%, however with the right spacing and move combinations more can be had.

After the 10th hit in a combo, the roundhouse will trigger a standard roundhouse reaction. This is to prevent infinite combos.

NOTE: Rain’s Roundhouse animation is 1 tick faster than the other male ninja; consistent with MK Trilogy and the nature of the Super Roundhouse ability.

Lightning Bolt:

Input: Back, Back, HP

Similar cooldown to MK Trilogy, with cooldown requirement on hit or miss/block, in order to prevent spamming

Does 9h damage on hit, 3h on block. Triggers damage protection on hit

Hit limit of 2 – disabled after 3 hits in combo

Ineffective vs bosses

Jade is NOT immune when using projectile invincibility

Mind Control Orb:

Input: Down, Forward, HP

Opponent control time slightly decreased from Trilogy due to slower speed of UMK3 arcade, otherwise virtually identical to MK Trilogy.

Maximum and minimum height limits in place for control

Sets boundary and will not drag Rain across screen when controlling opponent away from Rain at full screen.

If Nightwolf reflects projectile he will gain control of Rain

If hit with another projectile (trade), Rain will lose control of opponent

Jade is immune with projectile invincibility

Works versus Shao Kahn

If CPU Rain, Nightwolf (reflect) or Motaro (reflect) gain control of human player, they will drag him up and across the screen to them.

Triggers damage protection on hit

Does 14h damage on hit, 3h on block

Hit limit of 3 – disabled after 4 hits


HK, HK, LK, HK, Back + HK 25% damage, sends opponent into super roundhouse reaction

HK, HK, LP, HP 23% damage, – knocks opponent back full screen

HP, HP, LP, HP 22% damage, knocks opponent back full screen


Lightning Storm: Down, Down, Back, Forward, HK from Outside Sweep Range

Roundhouse Decap: Forward, Forward, Down, HP (close)

Replaces Trilogy Cheese “Upside Down Uppercut”

Brutality: HP, HP, BL, LK, HK. BL, LK, HK, BL, HP, LP

Babality: Forward, Back (Pause), Back, HP

Friendship: Down, Forward, Forward, Forward, LP Outside of sweep range

Stage: Forward, Down, Forward, LP


Human Smoke:

Human Smoke given a second Fatality!

Smoke Out: Input Forward, Forward, Back, Run from Outside Sweep Distance

Similar to but replaces Trilogy Cheese Smoke Stretch fatality


Classic Sub Zero:

Ice Spike Fatality Created!

Input – Down, Forward, Forward, Forward, HP next to opponent

NOTE: Will not work if opponent is near corner

Ice Spike sprites imported into graphics ROMs – Thanks Jens Boffin

Similar to Trilogy fatal, with a nice twist at the end

Classic Sub Zero Friendship restored!

Sprites existed in ROM

Animation routine created

Palette created for stalk of jack in the box

Input – Down, Back, Back, Forward inside sweep distance



Ermac Friendship created!

All sprites existing

Custom animation for Ermac and victim created

Input – Forward, Forward, Forward, HP outside sweep range

Ermac Animality restored!

Sprites existed in ROM

Animation routine created

Input – Back, Back, Forward, Forward, LK up close


2v2 Tag Kombat

2 versus 2 TAG kombat has been implemented!

Selectable from UMK3+ options in Test Menu (see below)

Use start button to tag a character in!

Push direction corresponding to side of screen you want character to enter along with start to have the character tag in from that side.

Tag requirements:

Cool down time between tags is approximately 5 seconds

May not tag if you are being damaged


New Character Select Screen Option:

New character select screen option available! See test menu section on how to enable

Rearranged portraits with fighter Vs screen poses instead of fighters themselves

Usable in Arcade mode, 1v1 or 2v2

2v2 Tag AND not tag will not allow twin characters on one side using this select screen.

Tournament Kombat will force classic character select screen

No random select implemented, will be for Beta 2.



Brutalities have been included! Consistent with MKT Trilogy Brutality inputs.


New Kombat Kodes:

New Kombat Kodes have been created!

123 – 123: Life Bars Like A Boss!

Gives both players Boss life bar

Hits and kombos inflict roughly 2/3 normal damage

Will only take chip damage first hit of auto combo

123 – 100: P1 Life Bar Like A Boss!

Same as above, P1 only

100 – 123: P2 Life Bar Like A Boss!

Same as above, P2 only

??? - ???: Kombat Zone: Het Suswerd II

033 – 330: Kombat Zone: Hidden Portal (MK3 Portal)

777 – 777: Run Disabled

Run Meter will remain at 0 during match

123 – 321: “NNROTN DEUTOEAMITI” Block Jabs Disabled

Anagram of “Tournament Edition”

Flurry of jabs will stop when block button is pressed

222 – 888: Kombat Zone: The Bank

??? - ???: Super Uppercuts!

Literally knock the soul out of your opponent

Sends your opponent very high in the air!

??? - ???: Super Fast Uppercuts!

A combination of Fast Uppercut Recovery and Super Uppercuts

??? - ???: Kolorful Kombat

Like Paintball Mode, but for blood!

Hint: ABYstus is Key!!

Single Player Kombat Kodes

Single Player Kombat Kodes have been added!

Kombat Kodes are a combination of button and/or directional inputs, input by the player prior to each match starting in arcade mode.

To activate, perform the correct inputs before the match starts. The best way to do this is to have the inputs pressed (they are all press and hold button and/or direction) during the ladder transition and continue to hold until round announcement.

A confirmation of kombat kode success will be indicated by kombat kode being displayed at bottom of screen at round start.

Single Player Kombat Kodes:

Kolorful Kombat

Super Uppercuts

Super Fast Uppercuts

Run Disabled (Does NOT affect CPU!!)

Block Jabs Disabled

Dark Kombat

Silent Kombat

Throwing Encouraged

Revision ID

P1 Half Power

P2 Half Power

P1 Quarter Power

P2 Quarter Power

Sans Power

P1 Life bar Like a Boss

P2 Life bar Like a Boss

Life bars Like a Boss

Fast Uppercut Recovery

Throwing Disabled

Blocking Disabled

Unlimited Run


Some Single Player Kombat Kodes are disabled versus bosses.

Don’t Cheat. You will receive your just deserts.


Arcade Tower Options:

Options enabled by turning Randomizer ON in Test Menu

Randomizer Option makes all 4 towers random at choose your destiny screen, where default action is to pull from several arrays of static tower opponents. Greatly increases replay value!!

Endurance matches in each tower will match your fighter’s storyline, giving a relevant storyline fight.

Pressing start before selecting the tower of your choice will create an Endurance Tower.

All opponents besides bosses will change to endurance battles.

Tower text will change from its current setting to “Endurance”

Kahn’s taunt for your tower selection will be different

Difficulty setting will determine possibility of 3 person endurance matches to be incorporated during the arcade mode run up towers.


MK3 Storyboards:

MK3 Storyboards have been ported from MK3’s attract mode!

Amazingly brings stunning artwork back to UMK3 that was sorely missing.

This is selectable in UMK3+ options in Test Menu

MK3 Storyboards, when selected, will show MK3 storyboards with graphics as well as character bios.

The MK3 storyboards effectively replace the multiple, quick scene transition action fights with UMK3 attract mode music.

Characters still fight as they did previously with a Vs screen prior

Character bios continue to be shown

Best winning streaks screen continues to be shown.


Ending Kredits:

Simple addition of UMK3+ Kredits at the end of Kredit Roll.

Calls out Plus Team members, Play testers and promoters, Kontributor Kredits, and Special thanks.

A HUGE THANK YOU!!! To all our Kontributors and Supporters! We could not do this without you.


UMK3+ Test Menu Options:

Accessed through Test Menu, and selecting UMK3+ Settings

Randomizer: Randomizes Arcade Mode Tower opponents

Enables ability to press start and change to endurance tower

Endurance battles prior to bosses will be story line relevant

Attract Mode: Original and Improved

Original is UMK3 style attract mode.

Improved is MK3 style, with MK3 storyboards.

Game Continuation: On and Off

Off: Ability to change game mode between matches

On: Game mode stays between matches (1v1, 2v2)

Tags in 2 on 2 Kombat

Off: 2v2 gameplay as standard in UMK3

On: Tag team kombat enabled

NOTE: Work In Progress!

Fighter Select Screen:

Original: Original Fighter Select Screen

Improved: New Fighter Select Screen

NOTE: Tournament Kombat will force original select screen regardless of this setting.

Stage Rotation Order:

Original: Standard stage rotation as described earlier in change log

Expanded: Stages in mostly linear order, only changing to prevent possible stage loops: Subway, Streets, The Bank, Rooftop, Sound Chamber, Balcony, Bridge, Bell Tower, Temple, Graveyard, Pit 3, Water Front, Scorpion’s Lair, Kahn’s Kave, Jade’s Desert, Het Suswerd II, Scislac Busorez, Hidden Portal, Noob’s Dorfen

Random: You will fight on a random stage each fight

Coin Up Stage:

Option to customize Coin Up stage to your liking.

1.2 Select Mode Of Kombat screen has been replaced.

“Off” will default to Kahn’s Kave.

About UMK3+

Details about UMK3+ including creators, build date, and build name.

Selecting with input returns to main menu


Easter Eggs:


Over 20! Find and post to forum at MortalKombatPlus.com !!

Created by ZPaul2Fresh8

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